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"Witnessing my own somatic truth is the most transformative experience I think I have ever had, things have moved and shifted in amazing ways. Catherine is a skillful and soulful facilitator of this work. We are so fortunate to have her here on Lopez" - Wendy Westervelt

"The 'constellation process' reveals something beyond thinking - it's like an ancient sensory system coming to life! - a muscle we all have but consciously use or know about." - Cynthia Dilling

"Having participated in two gatherings of constellation work with Catherine Van Wetter,  I have gained incredible insight into my family and have been able to feel true compassion for those who have been in my circle of life and myself through this totally inspirational work at the heart level." -  Ann Goss

"This process, as skillfully facilitated by Catherine, is a remarkable walk in another world as we are totally led by our inner senses.  For me, the result has been a huge paradigm shift into a positive perspective of a major life issue." - Asha Lela



The Soul of the Heart Sacred Circles

We carry within us the story of who we are. Our history. Our  wounds, traumas, perceptions, beliefs, attitudes that color the  experiences of our life. If "toxic" emotions  remain buried and unattended, this can lead to disease, addiction,  anxiety, depression, and a host of physical, emotional and  spiritual maladies.
Through the powerful process of constellation work, movement of the Soul, you can access the innate wisdom of your  unconscious by bringing forth the illuminated truth of who you are  releasing all that is not yours to carry.  Often  individuals are validated for what they always sensed to be true. Replacing the story of who you think you think you are with truth of who you are love, light and joy.

Setting up a constellation within the circle

Catherine specializes in what she calls Illuminated constellations,bringing light and clarity to a specific issue or problem. Within this illumination is truth  of what is, if fully embodied it will set us free. People within the group are asked to represent different aspects  of your issue to gain more clarity and insight. None of the representatives will know who or what it is that they are representing. This shows the power of the invisible field, the knowing field. Since the representatives are unaware of what they are representing, it allows them to access what is known as the representative perception or the morphogenic field. Through this process, profound shifts and resolutions occur within you. It is worth noting that the representatives and others within the group also benefit from your constellation. The affects of the constellation can either be immediate or sometime in the future. Breakthroughs often occur much sooner than with traditional therapeutic approaches that address the mind alone.

Constellation work is not therapy, there is no cognitive, behavioral, psychological or social work involved. This work nutures the soul and enlivens the heart, bypassing the mind which simply gets in the way. The Sacred Circle allows the inner dynamics of ancestors and family to play out revealing new perspectives about life and living on planet earth.

What does it mean to live in your Heart? It means putting everything in its right place. It’s separating the facts from the story. Through inner resolution facilitation we can come to a place of deep inner knowingness—consenting to what is with compassion, forgiveness, peace and love. Are you ready to set aside self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that prevent you from fully stepping into the magnificent self that you are?

Much of what we carry is passed on from generation to generation. We carry this unconsciously, our invisible loyalties tied closely to our family system. Are you ready to put down the burdens that were passed onto you, and take the greatest gift you could ever receive. Which is the gift of life and love?

The relationships in our lives can provide profound support. However, hidden dynamics sometimes can create obstacles that prevent us from enjoying the positive intentions of that support. These powerful tools allow shifts on a systemic level to occur so that we experience the natural flow of love, strength and support within our lives.

The Soul of the Heart Sacred Circle is an experiential process, working at a deeper soul level than conventional counseling. This work brings more immediate and lasting impact than techniques that address the mind alone. This is dance of the soul. Joy is your birthright.

“Ever since Joy heard your name, it’s been running down the streets trying to find you”

"Moving into a whole new way of looking at health and well-being we are being called to look deep within rather than looking outside ourselves for answers."
—Catherine VanWetter

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