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"Witnessing my own somatic truth is the most transformative experience I think I have ever had, things have moved and shifted in amazing ways. Catherine is a skillful and soulful facilitator of this work. We are so fortunate to have her here on Lopez" - Wendy Westervelt

"The 'constellation process' reveals something beyond thinking - it's like an ancient sensory system coming to life! - a muscle we all have but consciously use or know about." - Cynthia Dilling

"Having participated in two gatherings of constellation work with Catherine Van Wetter,  I have gained incredible insight into my family and have been able to feel true compassion for those who have Been in my circle of life and myself through this totally inspirational work at the heart level." -  Ann Goss

"This process, as skillfully facilitated by Catherine, is a remarkable walk in another world as we are totally led by our inner senses.  For me, the result has been a huge paradigm shift into a positive perspective of a major life issue." - Asha Lela



Grief Resolution

Resolving the Pain of Grief

In Chinese medicine it is commonly believed that “Tears cover anger or anger covers tears.” We live in a culture were grief is often pushed away and denied, leaving us stuck in patterns of disconnect and deep sorrow. Rather than talking about our grief or learning how to deal with it, we may push it away in hopes that it will disappear.

Have you ever been taught or learned how to grieve? Many of us never have. It is almost expected that we should know how to deal with it. Grief work is as unique as the individual. Each person does it differently. The most important work you can do is to deal with the deep sorrow, loss and pain in ways that is recognized and witnessed, so that it can be resolved and released. Everything needs a witness, especially grief.

Grief shows up in many ways. The most common being the loss of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a job or the loss of a dream. There is also the subtle grief that we experience that may not be recognized as grief such as getting older, our children growing up or the loss of our youth. During this period in history, many folks are dealing with grief; both the obvious and the unobvious. In some ways it is as if a veil has been draped over our culture, covering up the deep despair that so many are feeling. How do we deal with all of this profound loss? Through grief counseling.

In my own life, I like many, have dealt with grief in multiple areas of my life. As a child my beloved sister died when I was seven and she was four. I never got to say goodbye or go to her funeral. This unresolved grief, haunted my whole life resulting in anxiety, depression, addictions and disconnection with myself and others. It wasn’t until I began addressing my deep grief, that I was able to begin to set myself free to live my life of joy irrespective of my losses. Grief work is a life long sacred journey deepening our connections with our hearts and souls. Let me help you with this journey through grief counseling.

Every evening when we lay our heads down to go to sleep, there is a part of us that is grieving for what was not done that day. That part of us that grieves the goodbyes, the unfinished business or the passing of opportunities. This unresolved grief, can become a heavy burden to carry, sometimes preventing us from seeing the possibilities in our lives.

If you or someone you know is dealing with grief, I invite you to contact me. Together we will find ways to allow the grief to become your greatest ally uncovering your most precious gift of compassion, forgiveness, love and peace. Through resolution and consenting to "what is," you will be able to move through the profound experience of resolving the pain of loss at the core level going straight to the heart of the matter. Give yourself the gift of deeply honoring your grief and moving forward in your life with an open and gracious heart.

Ram Dass, a renowned spiritual teacher, author and visionary stated “When we cease to resist our grief, we learn that, painful though it may be, grief is an integral part of elder wisdom, a force that humbles and deepens our hearts, connects us to the grief of the world, and enables us to be of help.” Grief Resolution is one of the Healing Services that I offer.